Whoever wins this poll will be deemed the winner of the triple-black challenge. Remember, a high-quality submission can't just be black. It has to ooze black, with that aura of darkness and the willingness to sacrifice anything for power that accompanies the three skulls in the upper right corner.

Only the 5 favorite choices will win the poll.
The poll ends . The poll supervisor is Je_Suis_Oluwa (jacob.cohen@waiter.com). Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank. Note: “No opinion” is not the same as the lowest possible rank; it means that you choose not to rank this choice with respect to the other choices.

This poll is decided using an experimental Condorcet-based method designed to provide proportional representation. It is assumed by the voting algorithm that you want the ranking of your most preferred winning choice to be as high as possible, and if two sets of winning choices agree on the choice you prefer most, then you would decide between them using the second most preferred choice, and so on.

 Choice Rank
@LyndonF: Fade Out
@Wickedshadow196: Freis, Disciple of Erebos
@Tommyneko: Chapel Saint Vicarent
@Xero0: Arkbound Dragon
@Corwinnn: Spektra, Regent of the Dead
@TenebrisNemo: Aerona, Bane of Myths
@NickSilsord: Jing, Deity of Mt. Qin Gu
@FaithsGuide: Liliana's Envy
@spookoops: On the Edge of Death
@twighlight8: The Only Way
@Lastjustice: Voracious Nightstalker
@Teacup: Well of Bones
@benw: Accursed Shrine
@SpellPiper2213: Grim Talisman
@Pepperoni: All By Myself
@Mantis17: Hex of Farendor
@sanjaya666: Varissa, Fateweaver

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