What UI style do you want for Muggle Mode on the BLF/TLF FW3A?

  • 1-mode only turns on and off at ~150 lm (350mA).
  • 3-mode clicky uses a low/med/high/off sequence, stepping through one level per click. 10/80/300/0 lm. Must loop through all modes to turn off.
  • 3-mode Baton is click for on/off, hold to change level in discrete steps. 10/80/300 lm.
  • Smooth ramp is click for on/off, hold to change level gradually. 10 to 300 lm. (4 to 120 hours runtime)
  • None. Remove muggle mode entirely. Use that space for something else.
Estimated runtimes on a 3000mAh cell:
  • 150 lm: ~8.5 hours.
  • 10 lm: ~120 hours.
  • 80 lm: ~16 hours.
  • 300 lm: ~4 hours.
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