FW3A Emitter Type

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For price and heat, lower values are better. Throwiness depends on personal needs and taste. For everything else, higher values are better.

Throwiness is a rough measure of candelas per lumen. It's the overall beam shape. Even the throwiest option is not a thrower, because compact triples are floody by nature. At a guess, the range here is about 2 to 4 cd/lm, and common reflector-based EDC-style lights are usually about 5 to 10.

Beam is the overall beam quality, like smoothness and color consistency.

More peppers makes thermal management harder, reduces the sustainable brightness after step-down, and increases risk of damaging the emitters on turbo.
All of the emitter types are good, but here is the worst part about each:
  • XP-L HI: Costs more.
  • XP-G3: Strongest "Cree Rainbow" effect (angle-based tint shift). Effect is minor under a frosted 10511 optic though.
  • XP-G2: Lowest output. Old.
  • 219c: Most heat, lowest sustainable output.
  • LH351D: Super floody.

Visual estimate of the floodiest option compared to the throwiest option: (the center tree is 8.5 meters away, lights are set to a middle mode of 107 lm)

Values indicate approximate performance in a Carclo 10511 optic using a FET for direct drive on 1x18650. These have not been directly tested in the FW3A host, so this data is more of an educated guess than a measurement.
Price Lumens Throwiness CRI Beam Heat
Cree XP-L HI $36 3300? ***** 70+ ****
Cree XP-G3 $30 3000? ** 70+ **
Cree XP-G2 $30 2200? *** 70+ ***
Nichia 219c $30 2600? ** 90+ ****
Samsung LH351D $30 3000? * 90+ ****
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 Choice Rank
Cree XP-G3
Nichia 219c
Samsung LH351D
Cree XP-G2
Cree XP-L HI

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