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 Choice Rank
Make it show isolate points, like x=1 && y=1 should show a point. (write-in)
Try this 1=x^2+(y-(x^2)^(1/3))^2 over x=-1,1 y=-1,1.75 for Valentine's Day (write-in)
Add support for Axes Labels and equation printing on pdf (write-in)
More detailed explanation of rules (write-in)
Support 3-D equations with rendered surfaces (write-in)
Support persistence of line width, color and style attribute between plots. (write-in)
Support PNG output format. (write-in)
Add factorials/gamma function (write-in)
Support SVG output format (write-in)
Add plotting of points defined in columns of a text file. (write-in)
A graph should have a key. Show the equations with their line-styles on the graph. (write-in)
Support full x-y grid lines across plot
Add more inverse trigonometric functions
Add min() and max() functions (write-in)
Support parametric equations (write-in)
Omit axes (write-in)
Give labels to equations (equation 1, equation 2, etc.) (write-in)
Suppose logarithmic and log-log plots (write-in)
Add hyperbolic trigonometry
50-20 (write-in)
Display graphics and its algebraic definition (write-in)
Give better control over rendering of curves (color, line type, thickness)
Support JPEG output format (write-in)
I think I killed it with |x| + |y| = |x+y| (write-in)
1>1 should not be true (write-in)
Make it solve differential equations (write-in)
Allow definition of local functions that can be used in equations
Add a function that allows a drawn graph (basic parent functions and shifts)to be converted to an equation. The reverse of what it does now. Possible? (write-in)

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