Please rank the following ideas for improving the CIVS voting service. If you think an idea is bad, rank it below "do nothing ranked below this". You can also write in new ideas, but do check the list to see if your idea is already there. Your feedback is appreciated! CIVS is an open-source project on GitHub, and you are also welcome to try implementing your ideas. If you're not happy with any of the language translations, please let us know by making a GitHub pull request or opening an issue there.

Only the 10 favorite choices will win the poll.
The poll ends in due course. The poll supervisor is Andrew Myers ( Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank.

 Choice Rank
Be able to manually choose the language on the home page and the invitation email rather than automatically basing it on the user's browser preferences
Allow removal of poll results by the administrator after poll closes
Allow the organiser to edit the poll before it is started.
Make results universally verifiable.
Elections where individuals vote with a variable number of admin-specified shares.
Restrict to one rank per vote (no ties, so cannot select multiple candidates as #1)
Allow polls that can be repeated (e.g., for daily restaurant choice).
Allow multiple questions per poll.
Add option to re-send ballots ONLY to non-voters, to avoid spamming those who already voted.
In Condorcet-IRV, solve last place ties by counting 2nd last, etc.
Show times with local timezone in election results.
Add an option for private polls to be automatically closed when everyone has voted
Option to show list of invited email addresses to voters, to prevent ballot stuffing.
Allow changing your vote before the vote closes.
Allow some form of voter signature.
Existing votes should rank new write-ins as "No opinion", not last place.
Provide the option not adding "(write-in)" to the name of write-in candidates. (write-in)
Report raw Condorcet results without completion algorithms - Condorcet winners and groups of Smith/Schwartz sets
Support IRV elections.
Support Norwegian.
Allow supervisor to change public poll so it is publicized on home page or make that the default for public polls
Improve the user interface for voting.
Support https- and GPG-encrypted mail.
Make current results visible even before a poll is closed, even for private polls.
Add secondary interface in which 1v1 face-offs can be used instead of ranking the options
Switch to "radio buttons" when poll has only two choices.
Support Range Voting.
Eliminate ballot quantity limitations for test polls. Will allow for weighted ballots.
Support Japanese.
Optimize web page for small/mobile screens.
Automatic time-based closing of polls.
Get rid of IP filtering for public polls, it stops two people from voting from behind the same NAT.
Add support for STV multiple winner: Schulze, CPO, Meek, Warren.
Do not publish email in plain text.
When adding a write-in, don't throw away my rankings so far.
Provide a link for the poll results on the "Poll Control" page.
Allow supervisors to send private keys personally.
Support comparison with Simple Majority vote.
Support Greek.
Allow definition of pop-up descriptions for each poll choice
Allow option to only accept ballots with a strict complete ordering.
Allow a candidate to be removed after the election has been started.
Allow turning off any kind of verification and just let people vote multiple times (voter may be on the same network)
Support sending results by email through the system.
See who has voted so far
Allow customizing the polls presented after finishing a vote (write-in)
Allow the poll supervisor to edit features of the poll such as who can see the results.
Require a CAPTCHA for rank submissions and/or write-ins
Tie votes to something other than IP address for those with NAT addresses.
Allow voter to check and revise vote, until vote is closed.
Allow people to see how a poll is going before it closes.
Do nothing ranked below this
allow supervisors to add categories for poll (politics, films, novels, etc.) and allow sorting of polls on home page by category
Poll option to have an acceptability threshold pseudo-choice.
Support SSL/TLS to protect against network adversaries (e.g., employers).
Allow option to reveal list of people who voted, but without their ballots.
Election supervisor-defined text field for the beginning of system mail subject line.
Support more Condorcet completion algorithms.
Allow candidates to decline involvement in election, with result calculated using the reduced list.
Support Russian.
Allow write-in entries to be case-sensitive.
Allow user to manually switch language away from what browser preferences state. Some translations are impossible to understand.
Allow adding votes

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