Supervisor: Harsh Gupta <>
Announced end of poll: 11:59 PM , Sunday 12th March 2017 IST
Actual time poll closed:
Private poll (126 authorized voters)
Actual votes cast: 30
Number of winning choices:
Condorcet completion rule:    (What is this?)
CIVS Ranked Pairs

Poll description


We are having elections at metakgp to elects our maintainers. You are receiving this message because you have contributed to the wiki or any of metakgp's projects . This is a mock election to give you feel of the election platform and process. The actual election will be conducted on Saturday 18th March. Below are five candidates from the animal kingdom with their qualities, from which 3 candidates will be elected as maintainers of the animal kingdom. In actual election, there will be real candidates each having her/his own page with introduction and statement of purpose. To cast a vote rank the candidates in order of your preference. You can also give two or more candidates same rank if you are indifferent among them. The maintainers will be elected using the Condorcet method, where the preference for each candidate is compared against preference for every other candidate. We will use Schulze Method in case there are ties. This page ( ) gives details about the voting system.

If you have any comments, complains or suggestions about anything related to the election, write directly to me at or join the conversation on our slack channel ( ).



1. Tied:
Tiger  (Not defeated in any contest vs. another choice)
Elephant  (Not defeated in any contest vs. another choice)
3. Snake, loses to Tiger by 19–9
4. Crocodile, loses to Snake by 16–14
5. Gorilla, loses to Crocodile by 17–12

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown.  

Result details

1. Tiger   -15 19 18 23
2. Elephant   15 -19 22 19
3. Snake   9 9 -16 17
4. Crocodile   9 7 14 -17
5. Gorilla   5 11 12 12 -

Ballot reporting was not enabled for this poll.

The following matrix shows the strength of the strongest beatpath connecting each pair of choices. Choice 1 is ranked above choice 2 if there is a stronger beatpath leading from 1 to 2 than any leading from 2 to 1.
1. Tiger   -. 19–9 18–9 23–5
2. Elephant   . -19–9 22–7 19–11
3. Snake   . . -16–14 17–12
4. Crocodile   . . . -17–12
5. Gorilla   . . . . -

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