Supervisor: Georg Link <>
Announced end of poll: June 5th at midnight
Actual time poll closed:
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Actual votes cast: 9
Number of winning choices:
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Poll description

Hi CHAOSS members,

Earlier this year, the CHAOSS community decided to adopt a Code of Conduct [1]. The Governing Board approved the Code of Conduct.

This poll is to elect the Code of Conduct Team consisting of three persons. The responsibility of the team is to receive incidence reports where violations of the Code of Conduct occurred and respond appropriately. The term is two years.

Additional candidates may be written in but are subject to the candidate accepting the mandate. Three candidates confirmed ahead of time their willingness to serve on the Code of Conduct Team.

Who is invited to vote? Everyone who receives the CHAOSS mailing list emails is considered a member of the CHAOSS community and is invited to vote.





1. Nicole Huesman  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Armstrong Foundjem  loses to Nicole Huesman by 7–1
3. Georg Link  loses to Nicole Huesman by 8–1, loses to Armstrong Foundjem by 5–2

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown.  

Result details

1. Nicole Huesman   -7 8
2. Armstrong Foundjem   1 -5
3. Georg Link   1 2 -

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