Supervisor: Arun Kumar Patro <>
Announced end of poll: 2359hrs 16th October 2017
Actual time poll closed:
Private poll (135 authorized voters)
Actual votes cast: 40
Number of winning choices:
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Poll description

Thanks for participating in Metakgp maintainer election. This time around we have two candidates with their proposals. Please rank them on the basis of your preference. If you are indifferent between them, you can rank them identically. Please read their SOPs to get an understanding of their vision for the society.

After the voting period is over, the system will give a ranked list of candidates using Condorcet method, of which top three will be selected as maintainers. We will use Schulze Method in case there are ties. This page ( gives details about the voting system.

Arun Patro (Election Coordinator) (


1. Kaustubh Hiware  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Srihari Radhakrishna  loses to Kaustubh Hiware by 25–15

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown.  

Result details

1. Kaustubh Hiware   -25
2. Srihari Radhakrishna   15 -

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