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Announced end of poll: May 20, 23:59 UTC
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Poll description

The Kubuntu Council terms for David Wonderly, Harald Sitter, and Jonathan Thomas expire on 2013-05-20. This the election for the Kubuntu Council to elect three members.

The term will be for two years, 2013-05-21 to 2015-05-20.

As in the past, the election is being conducted using CIVS (Condorcet Internet Voting Service - ). The top three ranking vote recipients will be elected.



All Kubuntu Members ( ) are eligible to be nominated and to vote. If you have a public email address in launchpad, you need take no further action to receive your voting ballot. If you do not have a public email address, please contact me offlist with the address you'd like your ballot sent to, otherwise you will be unable to vote.


All Kubuntu members are eligible. The Kubuntu Council is intended to represent all of the Kubuntu community. The listed candidates are the nominees.


The Kubuntu Council is the leadership body of Kubuntu. Members of the council are expected to be active in Kubuntu. The Kubuntu Council has three primary roles:

The time commitment is not large. Meetings are generally only once every several months and conducted via IRC.


If there are questions, you can contact me.

Scott K
For the Kubuntu Council


1. Philip Muskovac (yofel)  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Rohan Garg (shadeslayer)  loses to Philip Muskovac (yofel) by 14–12
3. Valorie Zimmerman (valorie)  loses to Philip Muskovac (yofel) by 18–9, loses to Rohan Garg (shadeslayer) by 16–10
4. David Wonderly (Darkwing)  loses to Philip Muskovac (yofel) by 21–8, loses to Valorie Zimmerman (valorie) by 15–12

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown.  

Result details

1. Philip Muskovac (yofel)   -14 18 21
2. Rohan Garg (shadeslayer)   12 -16 21
3. Valorie Zimmerman (valorie)   9 10 -15
4. David Wonderly (Darkwing)   8 7 12 -

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