This is a poll to solicit OpenChain Working Group member feedback on five potential OpenChain logos. The five candidate logos have been emailed to members as a PDF attachment under a separate email. If for some reason you did not receive a copy of the logo candidates, please contact Scott Nicholas at Thank you.

Only the single favorite choice will win the poll.
The poll ends March 23, 2015. The poll supervisor is Scott Nicholas ( Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank.

 Choice Rank
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Concept 4
Concept 5

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